Publishing Ethics

Duties of the Publisher

College of Science, Al-Nahrain University, as the publisher of the Al-Nahrain Journal of Science (ANJS), takes its duties of guardianship over the scholarly records. The publisher recognizes its responsibilities in supporting the efforts made by the journal editors, and the work undertaken by peer reviewers, in maintaining the integrity of the scholarly record. The publisher ensures that best practices are being followed and implemented in its publications. In addition, the publisher supports editors, reviewers and authors in performing their ethical duties under clear guidelines. The publisher ensures the following: Editorial decisions are not influenced by any commercial revenues. All submissions to the journal’s editorial system are subjected to plagiarism check.

Duties of Editors

The topical editor is exclusively and independently responsible for deciding which manuscript, submitted to the Al-Nahrain Journal of Science, is worth publishing in the journal. The editors’ decisions are based on the significance of the works submitted to the journal and their importance to the researchers and the readers. The editors are guided by the following:

  1. The reviewers’ comments and recommendations.
  2. Policies of the journal’s editorial board.
  3. Legal issues related to copyright and plagiarism.


Editors of the Al-Nahrain Journal of Science are responsible of the following:

  1. Peer-review of all manuscripts received by the journal based on unbiased and timely procedures. Each research paper should be reviewed by three external and independent reviewers.
  2. A topical editorial committee shall select the reviewers who have suitable expertise in the relevant field of discipline. A selected topical processing editor shall review all disclosures of potential conflicts of interest and suggestions for self-citation made by the reviewers in order to determine whether there is any potential for bias.
  3. Editors shall evaluate manuscripts submitted to the journal without regard to gender, race, religious belief, ethnic origin and citizenship of the contributing authors.
  4. Editors ensure that review process is a double-blind process. Confidentiality of all submitted materials shall be protected by the editors. Information and ideas obtained through out the reviewing process must be kept confidential and not used for personal advantages.     
  5. The topical editors must not attempt to require that references to certain journal’s articles be included except for genuine scholarly reasons. Authors shall also not be required to include references to the editor’s own articles in which the editor has an interest.
  6. Papers written and submitted to the Al-Nahrain Journal of Science by the journal editors or their family members or close colleagues shall not be handled by the same editors. Any such submission must be handled by an editorial committee of three members.
  7. An editorial committee headed by the editor-in-chief or the managing editor is responsible of handling complaints against misconduct of publication including duplication and plagiarism.

Duties of Reviewers

Peer review is the main component of the scholarly communication. Reviewers shall assist the editor in reaching final decision regarding submitted manuscripts. They also shall assist authors in improving their manuscripts. Reviewers shall abide by the following:     

  1. Any reviewer who feels unqualified to review a manuscript submitted to the journal or cannot provide prompt review should notify the editor and withdraw from the review process.
  2. Reviewers should treat manuscripts and all their contents with confidentiality. Data and information, including unpublished materials, must not be shared with anyone or used for personal advantage.
  3. Reviewers must report to the editor regarding any substantial similarity between the manuscript under review and any published paper. Such observations must be treated with appropriate citation of the original sources.   
  4. Reviewers must be aware that personal criticism of the authors and their work is inappropriate. Reviewers must present their reviews objectively and clearly with supporting arguments.
  5. Potential conflict of interest between reviewers and authors must be raised by the reviewers and reported to the journal editor(s).
  6. Reviewers’ suggestions to authors on including citations of their works must be based on scientific reasons and not with the intention of increasing the reviewer’s citation count.

Duties of Authors

Authors must report original research work performed by them using clear and objective discussion about its significance and sufficient details and references to permit other researchers to reproduce the work.

  • Authors should be prepared to provide the research data supporting their manuscript for review and for public access (if recommended by the reviewers).
  • Authors must give proper citation to previous work that has influenced the submitted manuscripts and the included work.
  • Authors must understand that plagiarism takes different forms and must avoid all these forms like copying and paraphrasing substantial parts of other works without attribution and claiming others results.
  • Authors should not submit the same research results to more than one journal.
  • An author should not submit for publication in another journal a previously published work.
  • Authorship must include those who contributed significantly to the reported work. This includes the design of and participation in experimental procedures or theoretical derivations and interpretation of results.
  • Contributions to language editing and writing and improvements made to the presentations must be recognized in the acknowledgment section of the manuscript.
  • The corresponding author is responsible for appropriate inclusion of all the contributing authors and for their consent on the manuscript submission.
  • All the contributing authors are held equally and collectively accountable for the submission made to the journal.
  • Authors must ensure that hazardous issues related to chemicals, experimental procedures and equipments are clearly identified in their manuscripts.
  • It is the authors’ responsibility that works on human and animal subjects have been performed in compliance with the laws and the institutional guidelines and that statements declaring consent of authorities on these issues are included in the submitted manuscripts.
  • Inclusion of personal information and images of patients must be accomplished after securing their consent in writing formats.
  • Authors must acknowledge all sources of financial support, grants and funds provided to the work accomplished and the results reported in the manuscript.